KHEER/KHOYA/MAOWA (sweetened,reduced milk)

Kheer/khoya( sweetened, reduced milk) is very famous in Indian sub continent. You will definitely like it if you are a sweet tooth. It is mainly used for stuffing and adding into rice puddings.

Type: Sweet

Time: 90 minutes

Ingredients for Kheer (sweetened reduced milk) :

  • 1.5 litre full fat milk
  • 60 gm sugar
  • 1 tsp all purpose flour
  • Most important ingredient patience😁😁😁

Procedure for Kheer ( sweetened reduced milk) :

  • Add the milk in a heavy bottom pan
  • When the first boil comes add the sugar
  • Whenever you see boil is coming dab it with a laddle and push all the cream sideways
  • You can see that the milk is reducing and changing its color to a brownish shade
  • Don’t forget to scrape the sides
  • Continue this for almost 90 minutes or until you see that the reduced milk has started leaving the bottom of the pan
  • In this time make a slurry of water and flour and add to it
  • It will thicken more and coagulate to solid ball of sweet which in India we call Khoya or Maowa

We’ve added a step by step video to make it more useful👇

You can use it for stuffing some crepes( patishapta) or you can have it “just like that” also.

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  1. Please stick to use full fat milk
  2. Just check on that the bottom doesn’t burn or you will end up with a burnt Kheer/Khoya
  3. Keep on scraping from the sides

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