Spiced potato with tamarind twist

It is another one of my recipe that comes under the tag no onion,no garlic. But you can also make with onion and garlic. As I added tamarind pulp so it has a tangy, spicy taste which will zing your taste buds.

Let’s jump into the recipe


  • 3 medium sized potatoes diced into quarter cubes
  • 1 chopped tomato
  • 3 green chillies
  • 2 tbs spice mix( 2 tbs cumin powder, 1 tbs coriander powder, 1 tsp turmeric soaked in water)
  • 1tsp whole cumin
  • 1/2 cup green peas
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tbs ginger paste
  • 1 tbs tamarind pulp
  • 1 cup warm water


  • Add the whole cumin
  • Fry the potatoes
  • Keep them aside
  • Now add the ginger paste
  • Add the tomato
  • Fry till the oil separates
  • Now add the potatoes
  • Add the spice mix
  • Add 1 cup water
  • Add the tamarind pulp
  • Now bring it boil and add the peas
  • Cover the lid and simmer for for 10 minutes or until the potatoes are soft

We’ve added a video to make it more useful👇

Enjoy this with rotis, tortillas or puffed bread

Here is a recipe for puffed bread👇


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  • Don’t boil the potatoes before hand or it will leave all the starch while cooking
  • For tamarind pulp – take dry tamarind and soak it in water for 1 hr or you can buy readymade😉

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