Fruit ‘n’ Nut trifle recipe||healthy and tasty “dessert” ||kids special 👇

Trifle, in English Dessert,made with fruit, a thin layer of sponge cake or fingers soaked in sherry or fruit juice and custard. It can be topped with cream. The contents of a trifle can also be made entirely using other ingredients, such as chocolate , coffee or vanilla. You can also use custard instead of cream or you can use both custard and cream

Fruit ‘n’ Nut Trifle is a ideal dessert for those who avoid dessert in the name of sugar. It’s healthy and tasty and it’s the superfast mode to feed your kids fruits in the form of dessert.

It’s is so creamy and taking one spoo of it in your mouth will elevate you to somewhere very heavily.

And its best part is it is Guilt Free.

Type: Dessert

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

Cooking time: 5-10 minutes


For fruits:

  • 2 apples diced
  • 2 kiwis- 1 sliced and 1 chopped
  • 8-10 strawberries-out of which slice 4 and chop the remaining
  • Red grapes 15-10 diced
  • You can chose any fruit of your choice
  • Nuts- 1/4th cup of cashew nuts, 1/4th cup of dessicated coconut, 1/4 th cup walnuts, handful pistachios, 1/4th cup raisins,handful almonds
  • 1 pint of heavy cream
  • 1/2 pint condensed milk
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • 6-8 slice of pound cake
  • 60 ml pineapple juice or any juice of your choice
  • Sprinkle for decoration


  • In a bowl take all the fruits except the sliced ones
  • Add 2 tbs of sugar and mix them and refrigerate for 30 minutes
  • In between freeze the sliced ones
  • In a bowl add the heavy cream and beat it until cream but don’t stiff it
  • In that add the condensed milk and fold it in but don’t beat it
  • Now it’s the time for assembly
  • Take a large glass bowl
  • For the base first put the pound cake, press them at the bottom
  • Add the pineapple juice or any juice you’ve taken
  • The purpose is to make it soggy
  • Put half of chopped fruit and keep half of the fruits for next layer
  • Add half of nuts and keep half of nuts for the next layer
  • Add half of the cream we made to cover it
  • Again add the remaining fruit and nuts layers
  • And add the remaining cream and level the top smooth
  • Decorate it with the sliced strawberries and kiwis
  • Sprinkle some sprinklers to make it more relishing
  • Refrigerate it before having

We’ve added a step by step video of this recipe:

Enjoy this chilled…..

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For the pound cake slices we’ve taken, is my teacake…. we’re sharing the recipe link below:

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