Happy valentines day cake ( a special cake for a special day)

Valentines day is a special day for everyone.You can buy your loved one chocolates,cards, flowers, cakes and many more. But what would be special you know??? If you make something by yourself for your loved one. It will be not just a mere gift but something made with your love and emotions and the thoughts you had for your loved one, while making that. I made a love cake for my love though I didn’t had a love shaped mould but still it didn’t stop me from making one. I’ve also added DIY mould making below.


  • 1lb sponge cake

The recipe is given in the link below



  • Creme cheese frosting

For the recipe the link is given below 👇



  • 4 drops red food color
  • Piping bag


  • Cut your heart shape cake into a 2 halves
  • Add cream cheese on both the layers
  • Add one half into another
  • Cover the cake with plain white cream cheese frosting
  • Now add the red food color to the cream cheese frosting
  • It gives a rich red color, add more few drops if you need
  • Put it in a piping bag
  • Now pipe your heart

We’ve added a step by step video 👇

Your valentines day cake is ready

Share this with your loved one and don’t forget to comment in the comment box below


I didn’t have a heart cake mould so I made a DIY mould

  1. You will need 2 large sheet of aluminium foil
  2. Fold your paper twice
  3. Give the shape
  4. And staple it

Don’t forget to butter brush before adding the cake batter

We’ve added a step by step video 👇

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